New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley surprises Make-A-Wish Teen

Saquon Barkley made a Make-A-Wish kid’s dream come true. During an NFL Draft party held by the Make-A-Wish in New Jersey, 14-year-old Jared was called on stage and asked to reveal his wish. Soon as Jared said he wanted to meet the New York Giant running back, he came up from behind and surprised him. 

The Giants official Twitter account uploaded a video of the exciting moment. After they exchanged hugs ,Saquon announced to the crowd he had another surprise for the young fan. “I don’t want you to just meet me,” he told his fan. “I’ve already got something planned out on your whole day. Whatever you want to do, go to Six Flags, whatever you dream of, me and you, just go have fun.” 

The team also invited Jared to spend a weekend with the team at practice and hooked him up with tickets to a home game during the 2019 season.

Source:Yahoo Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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