Restaurant Could Get Fined For Refusing Customer With A Service Dog

Restaurant owner Besim Kukaj and his Bkuk Corporation Restaurant Group are looking at some hefty fines for refusing to serve customers accompanied by service dogs.

The first complaint against Kukaj and his business was registered by Henry Goldstein and his service dog ‘Cookie' after he was denied a table at Limon Jungle.

Goldstein told the New York Post that he was greeted at the door of Limon Jungle by a manager demanding to see the papers that proved he needed a service dog. Goldstein produced a copy of the document on his smartphone and showed the manager a bronze tag on the dog's collar that signifies the animal as a service dog. Despite presenting two positive forms of identification Mr. Goldstein and ‘Cookie' were shown the door.

Judge John B. Spooner from the city's Commission On Human Rights has recommended fining Kukiaj and the Bkuk Corporation Restaurant Group $42,000 for deigning Mr. Goldstein his rights under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

A ruling on the case is expected within the month.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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