Kids Ball Pits Are Teeming With Dangerous Germs

There's no doubt kids love to roll around in those huge ball pits, and moms and dads love them because they keep their kid occupied. But is ANYONE shocked to find out that with all those kids jumping around, the ball pit is filled with germs. In fact, how bad it actually is may cause parents to think twice before they ever throw their kids into one again. 

A study by the University of North Georgia looked at six ball pits and found some startling results. Believe it or not the filthiest ball in their study had about 170,818 bacteria PER BALL, while another had 712,000 microorganism cells.

While the pits in the study hadn’t been cleaned in weeks - does anyone REALLY think they're getting bleached? Wish they were - researchers found as many as 30 different kinds of bacteria - and yeast - hiding in the play pit. And P.S? Many of the germs in there are linked to things like sepsis, meningitis, skin infections and pneumonia, while the yeast can lead to fungal infections.Gross!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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