Jogger Caught Defecating On Athletic Field Files Lawsuit

Former Kenilworth Public School Superintendent Thomas Tramaglini has filed a lawsuit against the Holmdel Township Police Department for releasing his mug shot after he was caught defecating on an athletic field near Holmdel High School.

Court statements published in the New York Daily News claim that Tramaglini's picture was leaked with the "intent to harm and damage" him. The lawsuit also states that publishing mugshots for low level, non-criminal offenses are expressly prohibited in the state of New Jersey.

Tramaglini who pled guilty to public defecation and paid a $500 fine stated in the lawsuit that he has sustained significant damages as a proximate result of the unauthorized, intentional, reckless, malicious, and unlawful conduct outlined herein that was orchestrated, facilitated, endorsed, and/or condoned by the defendants.

Tramaglini said he suffers from a condition known as "runner's diarrhea" a condition that brings on the sudden urge to defecate

The lawsuit names Patrolman Jonathon Martin and Police Chief John Mioduszewski of the Holmdel police department

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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