Criminal Pulls Off An Assault Trifecta In One Week

Mr. Anthony Salgado pulled off a criminal trifecta last week when he managed to get arrested for assault three times.

Salgado's first offense and his most press-worthy assault came about last Sunday when he was arrested on suspicion of stealing a cell phone. During the arrested Salgado managed to wrestle a stun gun away from one of the four cops attempting to arrest him. During the scuffle, Salgado was able to stun three of the officers before he succumbed to the baton massage.

The second assault charge was racked up while Salgado was chained to a bed in Kings County Hospital as he was being treated for the injuries he received during the first assault. This time Salgado punched a police officer in the face.

For his third and final assault of the week, Salgado attacked a corrections officer at the Brooklyn Detention Center. According to an article in the New York Post, the officer suffered a fractured eye socket from the attack.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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