Citizens Make Extra Cash Keeping NYC Air Clean

In an attempt to clean the air in New York City government officials introduced a program that rewards folks who snitch on truck drivers that leave their trucks idling while the driver makes deliveries.

The program which was introduced in 2016 saw idling complaints go from 24 to 1038 in 2017 and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has paid out $20,000 to whistle-blowers.

The DEP claims the project has been so successful that they are planning on launching a website to help people report the dirty-air drivers.

Some of the people who patrol the streets looking for idling trucks are raking in more than a pretty penny for their efforts too. Lawyer David Dong pulled down nearly $5,000 last year by reporting 47 incidents and Theater Worker Zachery Tinkelman pocketed $4,600.

The amount you get paid for reporting infractions varies due to of location of the vehicle and time the truck is left idling.

George Pakenham, another whistle blower told the New York Post, "Citizens are doing the job police don't wish to do and they're being compensated for it, and at the same time they're cleaning up the air in New York City, so it's a trifecta of wins so to speak."

Photo Credit:Getty Images

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