Americans Spending More Time Sitting Than Ever Before

While we all know it’s important to be active in this day and age, it turns out most people really are just sitting around, and that's not a good thing.

According to a new study by Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, adults are spending close to six and a half hours a day sitting, which is up one hour from a decade ago, while teenagers spend more than eight hours a day sitting, up from seven.

And all this sitting can’t be blamed on school and work. In fact, the study finds that at least three hours of that sedentary time is spent in front of a computer outside of work or school. What’s more, about 38% of people are spending three hours of sitting time watching TV or playing video games, while 23% spend four hours or more doing so.

Of course, all this sitting isn’t good for anyone. Previous research blamed a sedentary lifestyle for an increase risk in obesity, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

Source: Daily Mail

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