Subway Snatch And Dash Phone Thief Strikes Again

The MTA and the NYPD are warning women subway riders to keep a close watch on their cell phones after a fifth person had their device snatched by the same man in the past 6 weeks.

According to police records, the thief's modus operandi is to grab the phone from the victim's hand and then jump down onto the tracks to make his getaway through the labyrinth of tunnels.

The first phone snatch and dash occurred on February 13 when the suspect grabbed a woman's LG phone and credit cards as she waited for the Northbound 5 train. The latest robbery happened over the weekend when the culprit grabbed a Galaxy Note 9 from a woman who was waiting for the train on the Franklin Avenue station.

An article in the New York Post claims that a woman was smashed in the face with an unknown object before her phone was taken.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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