Mom Breastfeeding In Car Gets Parking Ticket And She's Fighting It

When a baby is hungry, a mom’s got to answer the call.

That’s exactly what Guillermina Rodriguez did as she was driving in New York City last week. Her three-week-old baby started to cry and it took Rodriguez about 45 minutes to find a place to pull over. Her only choice was a commercial zone. She parked, hopped in the back seat and started breastfeeding and pumping at the same time.

That’s when a city police department tow truck pulled up. It backs up to load her truck and she calls out that she’s in her vehicle and breastfeeding. The guy reacted with surprise, but slapped the already printed out $115 citation on her windshield. He explained to the new mom that he couldn’t take the ticket back after it was printed. We’re just glad she didn’t get towed!

Naturally, Rodriguez is fighting the ticket and hopes the judge is fair…. and a parent. She commented about the situation, "I think they should've been a little bit more sensitive."

Source:USA Today

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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