Lyft Pulls Electric Bikes From NYC Cities Over Braking Complaints

If you are a fan of Lyft electric bikes and live in one of three cities, this news is a downer.

Lyft is taking thousands of electric bikes out of its ride-sharing program in three cities because of brake problems. The company is pulling three-thousand bikes from New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles because it's gotten a small number of complaints about problems with the front brakes on electric bikes in those cities.

You’d think the issue would be losing brakes, but in this case, according to the ride share company’s statement yesterday it’s because the brakes are toostrong.

Lyft will replace the pedal-assist bikes with traditional bikes so you can keep on pedaling. It operates about 17-thousand traditional bikes in San Francisco, L.A., and New York.

Source: CNBC

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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