NYCHA Reverses Eviction Of Senior Citizen

Thanks to the efforts of some concerned citizens and Bronx Borough President Rubin Diaz, a 72-year-old NYCHA resident was reinstated into low-income housing.

When Bienvenido Martinez fell $816 dollars behind in his NYCHA rent due to a medical emergency that cost him a portion of his right leg, he though the agency would work with him to find a happy outcome.

Not only was Martinez thrown out of his home of 14 years but all of his possessions were thrown away instead of being put in storage as required by law.

As word of the NYCHA slight made it to social media the agency decided to reverse course and give Martinez a new apartment plus replace all of his furniture and personal effects.

People were so distraught with the treatment of the senior citizen, several called the New York Daily News and offered to pay the back rent.

NYCHA turned down the offers of payment and released a statement that read: "We appreciate that everybody came up to help Mr. Martinez but it's not everybody's responsibility, its NYCHA's responsibility."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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