Source: Giants, Shepard Have 4-Year, $41M Dea

Wow, it’s amazing how much more sensible things in NYC are now that “Overpaid” Beckham Jr. is gone.

Case in point, the fact that they just signed their new number one receiver, Sterling Shepard, to a four-year extension worth a very sane $41-million bucks that include $21.3-million in guarantees.

Shepard, 26, had a career-best 66 catches for 872-yards last season. He also had four touchdowns and was praised for his blocking by coach Pat Shurmur on numerous occasions.

Shepard has caught a total of 190 passes for 2,286-yards and 14 touchdowns since joining the Giants.

And, unlike the last time they signed a number one receiver, this leaves an extra $49-million bucks to pay other team players.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone is still saying to themselves, I thought they signed Golden Tate to be the new number 1 receiver.

Trust me, Tate will be the new Odell Beckham Jr.—a prima donna who makes sure he gets plenty of attention of the few big plays that have little impact on the team’s overall record—which makes him the 1a receiver.

Source: ESPN

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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