Forbes: Yankees Remain Baseball's Most Valuable Team

When it comes to the Major League Baseball teams, that one is the Bronx still “Da Bomb” after the New York Yankees are—once again—the most valuable team in the majors, according to Forbes’ list of team values released yesterday.

If there’s déjà vu you’re feeling, it’s because the Yankees have sat atop the rankings every year Forbes has released them since they began doing it 22 years ago.

The Yankees are worth $4.6-billion, an increase of 15-percent over last year’s worth. They had the most local revenue of all teams at $712-million last year. And talk about being the one percenters—that 712 millis more than the bottom six teams in revenue combined.

And given the average worth of an MLB team is $1.78-billion they are worth more than twice the average team

Their margin over the second-place Los Angeles Dodgers is widening as well. The Dodgers are worth an estimated $3.3-billion this year, an increase of 10-percent over their $3-billion value in 2018. They lead the league in operating income at $95-million.

And to really drive home the difference between top and bottom, the Yankees are worth more than four times the last-place team on the Forbes list. The Miami Marlins are worth $1-billion, lowest in the league.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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