Subway Fire Causes Early Morning Train Delays

A NYFD city firetruck outside a Times Sq

Commuters who use the Union Square subway station got a scare this morning when a third rail fire filled the platform with smoke and caused a brief evacuation.

Witnesses told the New York Post that the fire started after a small explosion was heard at approximately 6:45 a.m.

An MTA worker assigned to the station said the FDNY went into the tunnel where the fire was burning and quickly doused the flames, but the grease used on the tracks and other mechanical equipment ignited and caused heavy smoke to billow and fill the surrounding area.

Zahir Siddi, who owns a bodega in Union Square, said he heard people screaming "run, run, run" as smoke poured from underground.

The FDNY had the mess cleared up in under an hour and trains that were suspended were back operating on their normal tracks shortly after the fire was put out.

MTA officials did not say how the fire started.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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