Governor Cuomo Says “Very Rich” Will Pay Congestion Fee

Governor Andrew Cuomo is defending the state’s decision to implement congestion pricing in Manhattan, saying the wealthy will be paying it.

“Outer borough residents are not driving their cars into Manhattan; that's not how they come in. I'm a Queens boy, only very rich people can drive into Manhattan,” Cuomo said.

He said most of those driving into the congestion zone come from outside the state.He said only in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx two percent or less of people actually drive into Manhattan because of the cost.

“You have to pay the toll. You have to pay parking, $40, $50. It probably comes close to $100 a day,” Cuomo said.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has promised to fight the congestion fee and is asking Cuomo that drivers from his state be treated fair and equally.

Nearly 100,000 people from New Jersey drive into the city every day. Murphy fears that congestion pricing could lead to a backup at the tunnels and further strain on NJ Transit.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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