Court Rules Firefighter With Burned Testicles Can't Sue Department

Nothing worse than a good old fashioned prank gone wrong. Raymond Johns discovered he was bleeding from the left side of his scrotum and a blood blister had formed after a small wrapped novelty explosive called "Bang Snaps" had exploded.

The firefighter sat down on a toilet seat at a city firehouse back in November 2015, when he “heard and felt an explosion beneath him" from a workplace prank gone wrong.Seems some of the other firefighters put some of these "Bang Snaps" under the toilet seat and apologized for it but the damage was done. Johns was diagnosed with a second-degree burn on his scrotum and a contusion of the left testicle and was placed off-duty for nearly two weeks.

John sued everyone including the city and the firefighters but the judge said any injuries on the job were covered by workers compensation and he couldn't sue them. He disagrees with the ruling.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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