New Jersey Could Retaliate Against New York For Congestion Pricing

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop isn’t happy with New York City’s congestion pricing plan and says New Jersey should consider it’s own fee on New Yorkers entering the Garden State.

“New Jersey could do that and how would New York state people feel, or New York City people feel? I mean they come here for Giants games or Jets games,” Fulop said.

Under the congestion pricing plan, drivers who enter the city at the George Washington Bridge and then travel below 60th Street would be charged twice. That extra revenue would go to repair and improve the subway system.

Fulop said the two states should have a conversation about a regional solution. He said the revenue shouldn’t just benefit the MTA, but mass transit throughout the region.

Fulop said congestion pricing would cause more New Jersey residents to take mass transit, putting a further strain on NJ Transit and PATH trains.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has written a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, asking that New Jersey residents be treated fairly. Cuomo is said to be reviewing the letter.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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