How To Stay Safe When Using Rideshare Apps

After a long night of having some fun, we think we’re being smart by calling a rideshare service. But we’re not always. After all – just last week, a University of South Carolina student got into what she thought was her Uber. Tragically, she ended up dead.

So sure, Uber and Lyft are SUPER convenient, but let’s face it – if you’re alone, you’re alone. How can you make sure your maximizing your safety? Here are some tips:

  • ALWAYS double-check the type of vehicle that is scheduled to pick you up.
  • Look for the Uber or Lyft marker on the vehicle.
  • When the driver pulls up, ask them who they’re supposed to be picking up. If they don’t know your name, that’s a red flag.
  • Make sure that the license plate you see on the car and on the app match.
  • If you’re using Uber…there’s a “Share your status” feature. It sends your friends a picture of your driver, their license plate and where you are at that moment.

While rideshare drivers go through background and DMV checks when applying to become a driver, you still never really know what could happen. You’re getting into a vehicle with a stranger who knows a place you frequent…and perhaps, where you live. And seriously? If something feels wrong – it’s totally worth the cancellation fee. Bottom line? Be smart, be safe.

Source:The Indy Channel

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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