Legalizing Marijuana is High On Governors To Do List

During a recent radio interview, Governor Andrew Cuomo made sure everyone knew where he stood on legalizing marijuana in New York State.

"We will get marijuana done, it's not a question of political desire, it's a question of the practical reality of how you put the new system in place," he said.

Staten Island Senator Diane Savion and other supporters of legalizing marijuana are upset that the policy didn't make the just approved $175 billion state budget.

Savion told the New York Post, "This is going to be more difficult to pass as a stand-alone bill outside of the budget. Look what happened in New Jersey last week."

Governor Cuomo admitted that passing the policy would not be easy but made the point that the state still has the rest of the session to get it done in an intelligent way.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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