Gang Attack Caught On Video In Brooklyn

Cops are searching for a group of gang members that killed a 21-year-old man in Brooklyn.

Taquan Eversley was chased through an alley and into the backyard of a home on Elton Street on March 19.

“Ultimately he’s cornered, like an animal, in the back of a private residence where he’s shot multiple times,” Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said.

Eversley was killed in an attack that Shea compared to the gang killing of Junior Guzman in the Bronx last year.In that case, a gang attacked Guzman and stabbed him to death at a bodega.

The NYPD has released surveillance video hoping the public can identify the suspects.

Police have already made one arrest, but are looking for at least three other suspects.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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