NYC Residents Want The Right To Feed Birds And Squirrels In City Parks

Mayor Bill de Blasio got an earful from Bronx resident Lucia Maria on the proposed new ban on feeding birds and squirrels in New York City parks.

Maria called the mayor during his weekly radio appearance and told him, "This new proposal diverts attention from the garbage and litter problems in the park and blames the people who feed the birds and squirrels."

Mayor de Blasio said he wasn't familiar with the proposal, but because of her powerful argument, he promised to look further into the issue.

A parks department spokesperson told the New York Post, "The proposed rule change is still under review and then it will need the city Law Department to sign off on it before it goes on the books.

Currently, the New York Parks Department has a $50 fine on the books for anyone caught feeding the wildlife in any of the city's parks.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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