More People Are Streaming Content Than Ever Before

It’s no secret that folks these days have all sorts of places to find great content to watch, and it seems more than ever, folks are turning to streaming services to be entertained.

A new report by Deloitte finds that 69% of U.S. households pay for at least one streaming service, up from 55% last year, with the average household subscribing to three. Meanwhile, 65% folks are subscribing to Pay TV services, and another 29% paying for live TV streaming services.

As for why so many are heading to subscription services, original content is the biggest factor, with 57% of Americans, and 71% of Millennials, citing that as the reason for joining a service.

Millennials are so hooked on streaming services, that 37% admit to binge-watching shows every week, with most spending an average of four hours in one sitting. And it’s not just original programs, with 70% of Millennials saying they stream movies weekly, and 40% doing so daily.

Source: Deloitte

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