Subway Groper Identified Via MetroCard

New York City Subway Pushing Death Puts Spotlight On Commuter Safety

A 24-year-old woman who was groped as she rode the subway helped the NYPD identify the suspect when she turned in the MetroCard he dropped after committing the crime.

The assaulted woman told the New York Post that she was riding the northbound 4 train when "she felt a hand slide up her thigh and butt." When she turned to see who had groped her she saw the man drop his MetroCard as he exited the car.

The woman picked up the card and gave it to the NYPD Transit District 11 to report the attack.

After scanning the card the Transit Police were able to track the man's mass transit path and secure a picture of him from surveillance cameras.

The victim was able to positively identify the man from the photo and the NYPD continues to investigate the crime.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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