Brooklyn Jailhouse Assault Caught On Tape

A police officer assigned to Brooklyn Central Booking is under scrutiny for ignoring a tense situation between two inmates that was caught on video and released to the New York Post.

The tape shows the officer placing one man in the cell while escorting another out. As the officer cuffs the man who is being transferred, two men in the cell get into a verbal altercation that quickly turned in to a physical fight that left one man unconscious on the cell floor.

The officer is shown leaving the scene as the two men exchange words. As soon as the officer is out of sight one of the men starts swinging wildly at the other combatant. As the first man flails away, the second inmate calmly picks the other convict up and body slammed into unconsciousness.

Supervisors can be heard admonishing the officer for leaving an obviously volatile situation without intervening.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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