State Trooper Helps Couple Find Lost Wedding Rings

A Massachusetts woman was heartbroken when she realized she lost her wedding rings at a gas station in Connecticut, but they’re back on her finger today thanks to a Connecticut State Police sergeant. Peterand Kimberly Reggiannini were on their way home from New York City when they stopped to get gas and as she got out of the car, her engagement ring and wedding band that were in her lap fell to the ground, and she didn’t realize it.

The couple was all the way back home in Westwood when she noticed the rings were missing and she panicked. They called police and even drove back to the gas station, but didn’t find the rings. Sergeant Robert Derry with the Connecticut State Police knew the rings were valuable and had a huge sentimental value as well, and he searched through hours of surveillance video until he found the people who picked them up. He was able to track them by their license plate and went to their home and got the rings back.

The Reggianninis have now been reunited with the rings and they couldn’t be happier.

"Obviously the rings mean so much to us we’re so glad to have them back," Peter says. "It was never about the money, it was what these rings mean to us."

Source: WTNH

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