Hudson Yards Opens To The Public

The Hudson Yards Development opens to the public on Friday.

The $25 billion development includes retail shops, high-rise towers, 4,000 apartments and a 150-foot-tall art sculpture.

A new subway stop has already opened and in the future there will be more development, including an observation tower that claims to offer some of the best views of the city.

It could have more than 125,000 residents, visitors and workers daily when it’s fully complete in 2024. Some officials have expressed concern about the lack of a new fire house.

“It’s only common sense that the project is going to bring more people to the city than the entire population of Flint, Michigan or Green Bay, Wisconsin and this city is going to leave them without first responders for when tragedy strikes,” Uniformed Firefighter Association President Gerald Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said nearby fire stations are already stretched thin and this will drive up response times, putting people’s lives at risk.

Hudson Yards is the largest development in New York City in decades.

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