Gambino Crime Boss Killed

The boss of the Gambino crime family has been gunned down and killed on Staten Island.

Frank Cali, 53, was found shot six times outside his home on Hilltop Terrace near Four Corners Road in the Todt Hill section. He may have also been run over. The gunman escaped in a blue pickup truck and remains on the loose.

Neighbors were stunned, saying they didn't even realize he was head of a mafia family.

"Who knows that he's a mob boss? It's not written on him," a neighbor told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.

Cali rose quickly through the Gambino family and became the acting boss in 2015.

"It's a quiet family. I didn't hear no commotion," the neighbor said.

It’s the first time a New York City mob boss has been gunned down since 1985, when Paul Castellano was gunned down at the order of John Gotti.

Photo Credit: Alice Stockton-Rossini

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