Lotto Winner Thanks Good Samaritan

When unemployed handyman Mike Weirsky realized he won $273-million of a Mega Millions jackpot last week, he also knew he was really lucky. But not for the reason you might think. You see, Weirsky bought his tickets at a Quick Check mini mart in New Jersey…and left them behind.

Fortunately, a ‘good Samaritan’ found them and gave them to the clerk – and Weirsky returned the next day to retrieve them. “[I was] paying more attention to my cellphone,” the 54-year-old explains. “I put the tickets down. Put my money away and [there was] something with my phone… and just walked away.” He’ll now walk away with a $162.5-million lump payment.

Weirsky says next on his list is buying the new truck he’s been coveting…and “being a beach bum.” Something he’s admittedly got a lot of experience with. “I was a bum in high school, a bum after that,” he told reporters. “Maybe now I'll be a beach bum.”

Source: ABC News

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