Navy Vet Jumps Into River To Rescue Woman From Sinking Car

A good samaritan put his own life on the line to help save a woman’s life after her car crashed into the Passaic River in New Jersey. Belleville Police say a man identified as Navy veteran Michael James saw the accident and dove into the river to help the woman, who was standing on her sinking car in the freezing water after she escaped through a back window. But by the time he reached her, the car had sunk.

James was struggling to keep her from sinking as they drifted downstream.

“I’m not sure how much longer they could have stayed afloat,” Belleville Police Lieutenant John McAloon explains.

Thankfully, two Belleville police officers caught up to them and pulled both of them safely in. They were both treated for hypothermia at the hospital, and McAloon says that without the man’s help, the woman “more than likely” would have died.

“There really wasn’t even a second of deciding,” James says of his heroic rescue. “I just went, didn’t even think about it.”


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