Clean Up Begins After Snow Storm

Officials across the tri-state area are working to clear the snow from the roads after a snow storm on Sunday night and early Monday morning.

In Central Park, 3.8 inches of snow was recorded, while other areas received little more than some slush on the streets. Still, school was closed in New York City on Monday and Alternate Side Parking Rules are suspended through Wednesday.

“There’s a great deal of concern that it’s going to be a very tough commute in the morning. It’s going to be very tough for people to get around,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Northwest New Jersey seemed to get the worst of the storm. Highland Lakes is reporting 8.2 inches of snow and Morristown got 7 inches.

Westchester County got about 5 inches of snow and Governor Andrew Cuomo has deployed assets to the Hudson Valley.

"We have learned from experience that it is better to be over-prepared in these situations - if you're not prepared before the storm, it is too late. That's why we have re-deployed assets from other parts of the state to the areas anticipating the highest snowfall, and our state agencies are ready to assist localities with whatever they need as this storm continues" Governor Cuomo said.

At the area airports, hundreds of flights have been canceled.The utility companies are also reporting thousands of outages.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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