Staying Late At The Office Could Increase Depression

Why does it seem like an eight hour work day is a luxury these days? It used to be that eight hours was a long, full day of work. But a lot of us are staying in the office well past the eight hour mark just to meet all of our deadlines and respond to all of our emails. But staying in the office past dinner time could be pretty bad for our psyche. We’re already struggling with a lack of free time!!

According to a new study by the University College London's department of epidemiology, long hours in the office are associated with a higher risk of depression. And for those of us who are already depression-prone, it can only make our symptoms worse. People who worked 55 hours a week or more and included some hours on the weekends expressed much higher levels of depression. And who knows what kinds of havoc long term depression could wreak on our physical health.

It’s about time we started living openly at work. That means letting our managers and supervisors in on the status of our mental health. Check in on yourself when you feel you’re being overworked. It might be time for a much needed bubble bath and a glass of wine at the end of our long weeks!


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