American Drivers Spend 70-Billion Hours Behind The Wheel

Do you feel like you are spending most of your life in your car? Well, according to a new report that just may be the case.

A report by the AAA finds that Americans are collectively spending 70-billion hours behind the wheel a year, which is an 8% increase since 2014. Overall, drivers travel more than 220 miles a week, which amounts to 11,498 miles a year, the same as driving roundtrip from San Francisco to Washington, DC…twice!

The survey finds that each day, U.S. drivers spend close to an hour behind the wheel (51 minutes to be exact), traveling 31.5 miles. What’s more, they are spending an additional 20 minutes driving each week than they did in 2014.

So who's doing the most driving? Well, men are apparently behind the wheel more than women, spending 19% more time behind the wheel and traveling 27% more miles. Geographically, drivers in the West spend the most time driving per day, 58.9 minutes, followed by those in the Northeast (51.1 minutes) South (49.9 minutes) and Midwest (44.5 minutes).

Source: AAA

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