MTA Stats: Subway Service Improved in January

The subway system had its best month for on-time performance in four years in January.

According to MTA statistics, 76.7 percent of weekday trains were on time last month. That’s up from a rate of 58.1 percent in January of 2018. At the same time, subway delays were down.

MTA officials credited Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Subway Action Plan that was launched in July 2017.

“Our concerted efforts are paying off in the form of fewer delays, less waiting, faster trips and an overall better experience for our customers,” NYC Transit President Andy Byford said.

Officials said the improvements aren’t good enough. They continue to push for a congestion pricing plan that would help fund further repairs and improvements to the subway system.

“In order to keep up this sort of progress, we need to address the difficult financial situation the MTA is in, which is why our internal reforms, congestion pricing, and additional reoccurring revenue is so necessary.” MTA Managing Director Ronnie Hakim said.

Congestion pricing would charge drivers traveling south of 60th Street in Manhattan during peak times. The proposal needs approval from the state legislature.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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