Governor Andrew Cuomo: Federal Tax Changes Devastating to New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing President Trump to change the nation’s tax law, after changes limited local and state tax deductions to $10,000.

“We've lowered income tax rates all across the board. If you now tax people's income tax, you raise the rates more than we've lowered them. It is devastating to New York State. Especially to New York State,” Governor Cuomo said.

The governor met with President Trump at the White House on Tuesday and encouraged him to make changes to SALT.

“We went through this with the president. He had previously said in the press that he was open to discussions. He said once that he was open to discussions, that there have to be changes to the tax bill,” Governor Cuomo said.

Cuomo has said he believes the Republican tax plan was designed to punish Democratic states.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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