Governor Cuomo Urges Legislature to Pass Congestion Pricing

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the MTA needs more money and he’s issuing an ultimatum to the state legislature.

“Let the Legislature cast their vote on the real choice - congestion pricing or 30% fare and toll increases. It's A or B because there is no C. If the public understands the critical choice their elected officials are making, congestion pricing will prevail," Cuomo said.

The congestion pricing plan would charge drivers traveling below 60 th Street in Manhattan during peak travel times.Cuomo estimates it could raise $15 billion for the MTA’s next capital plan.

"Congestion pricing is the only logical and realistic option to fund the MTA's capital needs and one person must have the authority to make decisions, hire and fire, and reorganize,” Cuomo said.

Aside from congestion pricing, the governor also wants the legislature to overhaul the MTA.That includes a new management structure.

"The MTA has been plagued by organizational dysfunction and disinvestment for decades, and we need better management and more money to turn it around,” Cuomo said.

The MTA is expected to vote later this month on the next round of fare hikes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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