What Age Is Too Old To Work Out?

A lot of people made resolutions to get healthy this year and one way to do that is to get their butts back in the gym. But there are definitely obstacles that keep people from the gym, and one of those things is age.

A new poll finds that 40% of Americans believe they are “too old” to work out, and shockingly the age at which most Americans feel they are too old to exercise is just 41. Of course that’s far from the only reason people skip the gym. In fact, 42% of people say “not having time” is the biggest thing keeping them from exercising.

And then there are people who simply find excuses for skipping their workout. The top reason for skipping a workout is because someone’s too tired (56%), followed by having too much work to do (36%). Other reasons include: 

  • It's already late (30%)
  • The weather is too bad (28%)
  • Ate too much (23%)
  • Stayed late at work (22%)
  • Would rather watch Netflix (15%)
  • It's dark (12%)
  • Bad traffic (12%)
  • Workout buddy canceled (11%)

Source: SWNS Digital


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