Bribery Charges Send Ex-Corrections Officer To Prison

Victor Casado, a former New York cop and Corrections Officer at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan was sentenced to 3 years in prison for accepting over $50,000 in bribes from a well-connected inmate.

The inmate, Reza Zarrab, a Turkish-Iranian gold trader received alcohol, cell phones, and other items through Casado for nearly a year before officials found out about the bribery scheme in 2013.

Casado, who pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges last summer told the courtroom before he was sentenced, "This is not who I grew up to planning to be, I don't have a worthy excuse for my actions. I wish I could go back in time and make different decisions."

Justice Richard Sullivan is quoted in the New York Post saying, "This crime is really an assault against an institution-really our entire system of justice."

According to NYPD records, Casado was a member of the NYPD between January 2007 and May of 2008 before he resigned in lieu of being indicted.

Photo Credit:Getty Images


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