Governor Cuomo Stops Planned “L” Train Shutdown

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the “L” train won’t shutdown for 15-months beginning in the Spring, as had been planned.

He said a group of experts have come up with a way to make necessary repairs without closing the line down.

“It uses many new innovations that are new to, frankly, the rail industry in this country.  But the MTA has gone through their recommendations and gone through the new design, and the MTA believes that it is feasible,” Cuomo said.

The tunnel that runs under the East River was damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Cuomo said the structural integrity of the tunnel is fine and the problem is with saltwater making contact with electrical components.

“They were all exposed to saltwater, that was an accelerant for the corrosion.  That's what has created this entire situation,” Cuomo said.

The shutdown of the “L” train would have impacted hundreds of thousands of people who live and work along the line, along with businesses in those areas.  Because of that, Governor Cuomo asked a team of experts last month to take another look at the repair plan.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images



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