Peace Officer Suspended Without Pay After Homeless Attack

Tiffany Randolph, a Department of Homeless Services Officer, was suspended without pay after she struck a homeless woman with a pair of handcuffs while trying to stop the woman from biting her.

The surveillance video of the altercation shows the 19-year-old homeless woman sinking her teeth into the wrist of the peace officer during a fight at the 30th Street Intake Center in Manhattan.

Officials from the Department of Homeless Services said the severe punishment was handed down by City Hall because of the highly publicized December 7th incident which showed a baby getting torn from her mother's arms by officers while she was seeking assistance at the Human Resources Offices.

Teamsters Local 237 President Greg Floyd told the New York Post that, "they (City Hall) are making a hard-working peace officer, injured in the line of duty a scapegoat."

Officer Randolph is currently taking prescription medication to fight off infection from the bite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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