Road Rage Scuffle Leads to Traffic Cop Arrest

A road rage incident on the Cross Bronx Expressway brought traffic to a standstill as two men got out of their vehicles and did battle in front of a shocked group of commuters during the evening rush hour.

The fight erupted when off-duty traffic cop Sandro Liz and an unnamed driver scraped each other's cars while jockeying for position between lanes of traffic.

Witnesses Domingo Garcia and his girlfriend Amy Didaskalou told cops who arrived at the scene that the argument started when both men jumped out of their cars to assess the damage of the fender bender. The argument quickly went from a verbal entanglement to a shoving match as tempers began to flare.

At that point of the argument Officer Liz retreated to his car and allegedly grabbed a machete and began slashing at the air and threatening the other driver, which led him to seek the safety of his vehicle.

Responding officers told the New York Post that Officer Liz was arrested at the crime scene and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing. Neither party was injured during the mishap.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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