Subway Rider Finds Purse With $10K Cash And Turns It In

A New York subway rider helped spread holiday cheer when he turned in a purse filled with cash he found on a train platform. Richard Taverna spotted a blue Chanel bag in the Lincoln Center station in Manhattan and says he picked it up to see if there was any identification or information to help find it’s owner.

Taverna found a note written in Russian inside and couldn’t read it, and when he couldn’t locate a subway agent, he took the purse home. Later he looked inside again and that’s when he found an envelope filled with a huge stack of money - 100 $100 bills!

Realizing the person who lost ten-thousand dollars would be very upset, Taverna took the 10-grand and the purse to the New York City Police Department and turned in. That happens to be the same place a woman filed a police report about the blue bag she lost as she headed off on a vacation to Russia, the police confirm. He says it’s “something most people would have done,” but we all know that’s probably not true.

"I don't really think I did anything that extraordinary," Taverna says "You feel good when you do the right thing."

Source: CNN

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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