Officers Get the Assist on Baby Born at Queens-Midtown Tunnel

Ivan and Maria Albarracin welcomed their third child with the help of a couple MTA police officers at the entrance of the Queens-Midtown tunnel in this morning.

The husband and wife had their Toyota mini-van moving at top speed, weaving in and out of traffic when it became apparent that they were not going to make it from Middle Village to Bellevue Hospital before the birth.

Albarracin told the New York Post that he pulled up to the entrance of the tunnel at 3:15 am and begged the first person he saw to help him and his wife. That person was Bridge and Tunnel officer Tyrone Pringle.

Pringle who heard the baby's mother screaming that she could "see the baby's face" recruited fellow MTA officer Harry Persad to assist in the birth. 

Both men hopped into the back of the mini-van and helped deliver a 9-pound baby girl.  Officer Persad said the birth went as well as could be expected given it wasn't the ideal place or circumstance, but it was a "thrilling experience."

The family was transported to Bellevue Hospital to be checked out. Mother, father, and new baby girl "Alie" are all said to be fine.

Photo Credit: Getty images

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