Judge Refuses To Toss Harvey Weinstein's Case

Looks like Harvey Weinstein will have his day in court after all. A Manhattan judge refused to toss out the indictment against him. As we told you, Benjamin Brafman, Harvey’s lawyer, had been working like a dog laying bricks to get the five rape and sexual assault cases thrown out based on prosecutorial and law enforcement misconduct. 

Weinstein’s legal team and the prosecutors held a seven-minute conference with Justice James Burke. When the conversation ended, Burke handed the lawyers a stack of papers and said, “My decision – which does not dismiss the indictment.” Burke also shut down a request another hearing on the matter in his ruling. Harvey’s next court date will be on March 7th for pretrial hearings. 

Brafman was clearly disappointed with the ruling and blamed the #MeToo movement. “If the #MeToo movement helps level the playing field for women throughout the world, we are strongly supporting that movement,” he said. “The movement should not, however, be permitted to push an indictment that is deeply flawed, as we believe this movement has done in this case.” He expects for Harvey to be fully exonerated.

Source: Page Six 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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