Cuomo Wants Parity In Recreational Pot Prices

State government officials in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York are working on a plan that would keep the price of recreational marijuana in the three states as close as possible to avoid having customers crossing state borders in search of better deals.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo told the New York Post that he wants to make sure that New York's recreational marijuana framework is consistent with New Jersey and Massachusetts.

When asked what the revenues from the sale of marijuana would be used for Cuomo said, "There are no dollars that come to the state that we earmark, with the exception of the state lottery."  "We have a lot of desperate needs. We have health care needs, education needs, mass transit needs we haven't had before…There will be many more needs at the end of the budget process that we can satisfy."

Cuomo's marijuana legalization plan is expected to be submitted to the Legislature in early 2019.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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