Report: Fixing the MTA Could Cost $60 Billion

A new report says it could cost upwards of $60 billion for the MTA’s next capital plan.

According to the New York Times, the 37-page report is recommending that congestion pricing be adopted to help pay for it.  The idea supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo would charge drivers traveling into busy areas of the city during peak times.

Another idea being proposed to help fund the MTA is a “cruising charge,” which would be a fee on for-hire vehicles that travel in Manhattan’s most congested neighborhoods.  Other ideas include the legalization and taxation of recreational marijuana.

In addition to raising new funding, the report also proposes ways the MTA can save money.  Combining the Long Island Rail Road and Metro North would result in savings and the report also calls for labor costs to be reduced.

It’s also recommended that the MTA cut down on fare beaters.  It’s estimated that fare evasion will cost the agency $215 million in 2018.

There’s also the idea of completely dissolving the MTA because it’s not efficient or transparent.

Source:  New York Times

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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