Governor Cuomo Makes Congestion Pricing a 3rd Term Priority

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to pass congestion pricing in 2019 to help fund and fix the MTA.

This year, we have to take on the tough challenges that have been left aside literally for decades,” Cuomo said in laying out his third term agenda.  “And we have to begin by reforming our failing New York City subway system.”

The MTA has struggled in recent years with subway delays and service disruptions.  NYC Transit President Andy Byford has proposed an ambitious plan to fix the system, but lawmakers can’t agree on how to pay for it.

“This year we have to take the bull by the horns with the MTA.  We  have to pass a dedicated funding stream so the MTA has the funding it  needs, congestion pricing the only alternative,” Cuomo said.

Congestion  pricing is reportedly gaining momentum in Albany, but Mayor Bill de  Blasio continues to oppose the idea.  He prefers a millionaire’s tax to  fix the subway system.

In his speech, Cuomo also called for the MTA to be reorganized.

“We  have to change the culture.  The numbers that they produce have to add  up, we have to remove and reduce the levels and layer of inactivity and  bureaucracy and end the benign neglect,” Cuomo said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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