Police Arrest Man Who Broke Woman's Spine in Brutal Subway Attack

The man who punched a woman in the head and broke her spine while she was riding the subway was arrested and charged today.

Allasheed Allah was picked up after several witnesses called the police tip hotline and informed the cops where the wanted man lived. The NYPD had been looking for Allah since the November 30 attack.

Witnesses say that Allah walked up to two young women who were standing next to each other on the train and said: "Kiss her again, you d---s."  After the insult, the two women attempted to move away from Allah but he followed and punched one of the women in the back of her head knocking her to the ground and breaking her spine.

After the assault, Allah was caught on a subway surveillance camera fleeing the scene. A police spokesperson told the New York Post that the young woman was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital Center to be treated for a fractured spine.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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