NYC's Parking Summons Advocate Position to Be Investigated

Eight months ago the New York City Department of Finance hired a Parking Summons Advocate to help NYC drivers seek justice with their parking citations. So far he's managed to investigate just 274 complaints since April. New Yorkers fight an estimated 2.4 million tickets a year.

The lack of production in the $120,000 per year job has put Parking Summons Advocate, Jean Walsh in hot water with members of the New York City Council.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson told the New York Post, "If your job is to be an advocate to the public and help them navigate city government…you need to be available, and clearly, this man is not doing the job." Johnson added, "You need to go to work. You need to set up a hotline."

City Comptroller Scott Stringer said the job "doesn't even seem real." Stringer added, "New Yorkers are footing the bill, while the Department of Finance has failed to create a public hotline for the parking advocate, or even announce his existence on the agency website."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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