NYC Minority Students Call for Equality in Athletic Programs

Nearly 30 children from a dozen NYC public schools will show up for a day of volunteer lobbying in front of the New York City Council to plead their case for athletic equality for students of color.

Student Lisa Parks said she's making the trip to urge politicians to act on the currently unequal system. Parks added, "We're all human beings and we should all have the same opportunities, I should not be fighting to have sports in my school."

Park told the New York Daily News that while her school has 8 sports teams' kids in bigger, more affluent schools have dozens to choose from.

Democratic Councilman Antonio Reynoso said, "We need to ensure that every child in the city of New York has access to sports teams and the benefits of sports teams in their schools." 

Melissa Iachan, the senior lawyer from the non-profit group New York Lawyers for the Public Interest called the unequal handling of school sports a race-based discrimination in the provision of public services and resources.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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