Fireman Fights City Over Kids Tree House

The town of Babylon NY has told firefighter John Lepper he must rip down the tree house he built for his two children or face a fine of $475 dollars. Lepper's response, I'll see you in court. 

The fireman told the New York Post that he built the tree house in his backyard because he found a hypodermic needle in his front yard while playing with his 6-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter. "I built the tree house to keep my kids safe," said Lepper.

This past October Village Justice John Rafter ruled that Lepper's building permit application wasn't complete and he failed to submit architectural drawings of the structure he planned on building. 

Gerald Glass, the attorney representing the town of Babylon said, "It's really a health and safety issue. The village is not anti-tree house."

Judge Joseph Bianco ruled that the town must stop issuing any more fines or summonses until the next hearing on January 17.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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